What is it like to work with us?

We have been cooperating with Mirko for 3-4 months now and I am really satisfied with the cooperation between us. Things are handled honestly and as agreed and when discussing things, the conversation is genuine and both parties are able to ask questions and discuss their issues openly and in a good mood. The conversation doesn't even have to be weekly, we have even gone a month without contacting others, but as soon as the matter comes up, just send a message and the meeting can be arranged very easily and things will be taken care of again without any problems. You also learn a lot when talking with Mirko, and his way of dealing with things is really clear and understandable, and it also affects the outcome of things positively. I am already really satisfied with our current cooperation and I expect it to continue for a long time!

Jesse Mertanen
Vitical Esports

Mirko has been a really important factor in the development of my playing career. In addition to handling all kinds of contract negotiations first-class, Mirko has also acted as a problem solver in various in-game as well as external challenges. I have learned from him, among other things, leadership skills, new thought patterns and in general how the mind works and how to control it.

eSports player
Enhanced Esports 

It was an amazing experience working with Mirko Kareinen. He is a very talented and focused person with his work. I had learnt a lot while working with him. He knows his strengths and also knows how he can handle his challenges. Whenever there was a challenging situation he faced it with calmness and he has got enough skills to overcome the hurdles. He always remains positive. I wish him best of luck in the future. I do wish to work with him again! 

Jonathan Samson
Coaching Spot

Mirko is an insightful, thought-provoking and reliable coach. I feel the key ability in Mirko is to challenge you in a comfortable way - I have been able to pinpoint blindspots in my own mental schemes throughout our journey. Mirko is very attentive, good listener, able to hear and see also the things between-lines and/or unspoken ones. Would recommend 100% Mirko for similar positions!!

Miikka Kareinen
Westend Indians, #23

I'm so glad to have Mirko's support every week as his client! As a coach, he is always giving me new perspectives & practical solutions on my problematics. The support I gain from him is amazing and every week I'm looking forward to have our session. He knows how to listen, to motivate me when I'm down but also to create a safe space for me to open up without being afraid of being judged. I feel I can tell him everything, really ! I also love the fact that he is sharing his personal stories when appropriate. Thank you Mirko for being an amazing coach & human being. 

Alexia Muzin
Team member
Neuro Change Institute ®

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