Our Philosophy

From Coach to Coaches

Coaching Spot for Coaches

Our Aim is to Help the Coach Observe a New Deeper Understanding of Their Own Behaviour and it's Correlation to the Team's Behaviour

Almost all clubs and coaches aim to comprehensively develop their players. But over the years, we have noticed a stumbling block: holistic coaching is either not understood or may not be done individually, tailor-made or (time) effectively. We believe one of the aspects is that the coaches are unaware of their own behavior and how it effects to the players.

That why our philosophy comes from two essential parts:

  • Our deep understanding of scientific knowledge on the subconscious
  • Years of experience on being football coach as well as mental coach

The Man Behind the Idea

Mirko has gained experience both on the international field by mentoring and coaching more than 20 coaches specialized in neuroscience while being the National Director at the Neuro Change Institution® (NCI®) and on the domestic field by being the mental coach of many Finnish clubs & players across different sports.

Mirko's training includes e.g. ICF ACC, NCI® Master Practitioner & the UEFA C.

Currently, Mirko's biggest projects include e.g. together with the Finnish Football Association, SEUL, the City of Espoo and EsPa, building Finland's first hybrid model (combining football & e-sports) and giving the top Finnish football clubs the opportunity to get to know the subconscious ways of coaching.

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