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Travel with Coaching Spot

How it all started?

Let's imagine a metaphor where Coaching Spot is a bus, Mirko is the driver and you have just jumped aboard! 

The bus engine started in May 2020 when Mirko founded Coaching Spot Oy and got to train as an ICF ACC certified mental coach. 

His goal was to create a place where athletes can grow and thrive on and off the field.

The engine purred beautifully and Mirko got off to an excellent start when both the women's F-league teams and Kiteen Pallo's representative team jumped on the bus for 2020/2021 season.

They managed to get to the next intersection when an experienced business manager was gesturing next to the road. The man in question, John Grant, asked Mirko in January 2021 to become the national director at his company, the Neuro Change Institution®. 

NCI is a globally renowned educational organization with over 30 years of experience in making and researching scientific educational programs. NCI's academic team consists of leading experts in neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science and philosophy. Over the course of about two years, Mirko supported this academic team.

For example, he picked up 23 world-class coaches and mentored them in entrepreneurship and how to make coaching programs.

At the same time, Coaching Spot had it first employee, Jonathan, jumping to the bus which gave Mirko time to educate himself as a Neuro Change Master Practitioner, where he specialized in influencing the subconscious.

End of the 2021, Coaching Spot's bus traveled at a steady pace and stopped at designated stops. The women's F-League teams and Kiteen Pallo's representative team were left off the bus, while young eSM-liiga players, teams and partners jumped in. 

For a year, one of Mirko's responsibilities in the eSM-liiga was to coach juniors and young adults to utilize e.g. emotional intelligence in communication and to realize the importance of the subconscious in sports and life.

Then at end of the 2022 Coaching Spot's bus stopped for a while.

Mirko had a dream to educate himself as a football coach. This opportunity came and he left to work as a full-time coach at Etelä-Espoon Pallo (EsPa). In EsPa he started to generate the experience as a day-to-day football coach & got for example UEFA C license. Additionally to day-to-day football coaching his responsibilities lies on building Finland's first hybrid model (combining football & e-sports) with the Finnish Football Association, SEUL, the City of Espoo and EsPa.

With these educational & day-to-day experiences, Coaching Spot has a rock solid philosophy to help coaches discover a new, deeper understanding of their own behavior and its correlation with the team's behavior

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