How to Beat Procrastination to Improve Productivity?

Tailored to Your Needs

What is it about?

This webinar is based on Life In Balance Career's more than 30 years of research in psychology, sports, and business.

The webinar has been held i.e. to the Australian Olympic team.

What are we going through?

  1. How we can manage & utilize our thoughts, feelings, words and actions in life and in situations of pressure
  2. How can we overcome procrastination in life, sports and business
  3. How can we make our dreams come true through goal setting
  4. How can we build internal resilience to achieve a balanced life

What can you expect from a webinar?

You'll see what 300,000 people have already noticed: how to beat procrastination once and for all

  • Participants will receive a tried and tested formula for what needs to be done in sports, business and at home to overcome procrastination.

Participants learn to break out of the cycle of failure

  • The webinar helps the participant focus on the right goals and how we can maintain consistent positive action to get the best results

The webinar develops limitless potential to help the participant throughout their lives

90% of webinar participants reported making a significant and immediate change in their productivity, thoughts, actions, and results 



Come alone or bring all of your friends with you!