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What is Mens Sana?

Mens Sana is Latin and the meaning is healthy mind. The program is a sight for small groups. The program includes 12 + 1 modules, which are run weekly via Zoom. The first module acts as a bedrock with a program on which twelve module programs are built. Each module summers in internalizing important life skills. Mens Sana is paced on Life In Balance careers over 30 years of research in psychology. It took six years to develop and write the content for the Mens Sana program. The authors had 100 years of academic education in psychology, literature, history, and business.

Why should I participate in the Mens Sana?

Most people face a profound change in their lives, but unfortunately they sooner or later return to the old habits.

Why are we going back to the habits?

Permanent change is difficult to do alone. Neurologically, our minds resist change, which makes it more than likely that we will return to the habits.

What kind of change can I make?

In the Mens Sana, we create the opportunity for you to realize the dreams of your life, through which you can reach your own desired reality! My role as a coach is to be there to support you throughout this journey.

How does the Classic Program help me reach my desired reality as well as achieve a balanced life?

0. IKIGAI and goal setting

This module is about each of us having a purpose, a reason why we get out of bed. We also have things that make life worth living i.e. our IKIGAI. In this module, we navigate through a goal setting session to ensure that your goals are in line with your purpose. This serves as the bedrock for the following 12 modules:

1. Commitment

Very underrated skill nowadays. In the module, we review the meaning of commitment and the reasons for non-commitment. We are going to look that your goals are in line with your values ​​so that we know what we are committed to and what we are not committed to.

2. The road to fulfillment

A module where we explore our thoughts and words that prevent us from achieving our goals. In this module, we introduce the very creative concept of the 'red flag', which is a symbolic approach to identifying our own mental barriers.

3. Procrastination

We go through what kind of feelings and thoughts procrastination evokes. We will investigate the reasons for the procrastination in detail and deal with different types of procrastinators. With these, we overcome the procrastination that allows us to start doing the right things at the right time.

4. Achieving a balanced life

We go through what is a balanced life. In this module you will be able to make your own "wheel of life". This circle will help you identify which area is good to focus on in order to achieve a balanced life.

5. Accepting reality

A module where we go through things we can and cannot influence. This module will help you get past even the most challenging times.

6. Conformity

A module that deals with how we humans adapt to different ways of thinking and molds. The idea of ​​the module is to highlight things that cause more harm than good, and we explore how each person can create their own happy medium.

7. Your thoughts and words

A module that has a strong impact on you as we turn our own "red flags" into "green flags".

8. Handling stress

A module where we go through which situations cause stress and how in these situations we can manage and take advantage of stress.

9. Thinking and living creatively

In this module, we go through how we can utilize our way of thinking as well as our creativity for different situations in our lives.

10. Mind mastery

We go through how we can control our own thoughts, words, feelings, and actions that allow us to do anything.

11. Emotional management

In this module, we go through how we can manage and perceive our own feelings. We explore which emotions provide energy and which emotions take energy.

12. Movement and exercise 

The last module where we summarize what we have gained from the program. The module also discusses the importance of keeping yourself moving and exercise.

What does the program contain?

Mens Sana includes, Mens Sana ebook, all 12 different modules and coaching. Also, I'm going to support you throughout the program.

What have participants gained from Mens Sana? 


Feel free to contact us and we will create the best year ever for you! 

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