My name is Mirko Kareinen and I am a YB12 certified Performance Coach. I believe that everyone has the capacity for personal growth as well as being the best version of themselves if only given the opportunity!

From an early age I wanted to help others people to succeed and I knew that the future profession would be strongly associated with the sport and helping others. In my junior years I played floorball at Tapanila Erä and Finnish baseball at Puna-Musta. Unfortunately, the junior years were filled with a few injuries, such as Achilles tendon problems. 

Overall, as a child, I actively enjoyed various sports with friends, such as football and hockey. I didn't reach the level of top sports, but my passion for sports didn't wear out. Unfortunately, after years of hobby, I focused my passion more on bench sports and as a result, I started to gain extra pounds on my waist. For example, at the age of 17, I weighed about 90 pounds and found a length of 164 cm. In those years I did grown interest on Esports and overall gaming. 

At the end of 2015, I realized that my overweight and current lifestyles would drive me to a premature grave, as I have a congenital heart defect called a single ventricular heart. In early 2016, I decided to improve my lifestyle and refocus my passion to exercise. The result was that I lost a total of 30 kilos during the year. 

This brings us to the Haaga-Helia years which I started in 2017. At that school, I developed a genuine interest in the sports business and coaching. In Haaga-Helia, I specialized in the HR and management, where my informal minor was the sports business. For example, I went to Germany to get acquainted with RB Leipzig's organization and their operating culture. At the end of my studies, I wrote my thesis about "The relation between rewarding and motivation amongst the with hockey players". From the thesis I got a lot of valuable information about where and what kind of help athletes need at the moment. 

Coaching Spot Oy was founded in 2020 immediately after writing the thesis. I'm currently coaching Kiteen Pallo -90 Superpesis team in Finland and I'm doing a collaboration with ESML teams to coach them. I'm also working at Life in Balance Careers as an EMEA Regional Director. 

All coaching programs of Coaching Spot Oy are based on the YB12 programs developed by Life in Balance Career Ltd. All rights reserved.